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  • There are so many reasons as to why your computer may have crashed or frozen. There could be several reasons and you might not pin point the exact reason of the crash. Your best bet is to wait a few minutes to see if it fixes itself out and resumes as normal. If it doesn’t, open the Task Manager (Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys together to open the Task Manager) to see which programme isn’t responding, and close it. If your computer still isn’t working, then restart it.
  • It is not advisable to switch off the computer without shutting it down. However, this is possible to press the power button (hold the power button for a few seconds). When you switch it off (without shutdown process), it may damage the hardware and may cause data loss or data corruption.

    Therefore we do not advise to unplug the power cord or switch off in normal scenario, this can be used as a last resort when computer is frozen and needs powering down.

  • Check and see if your computer is connected to the internet either via cable or over the WiFi.

    If you are connected, then check your email server settings are correct and server hasn’t got any issues. Another common cause of not being able to send or receive emails, is if your email client (I.e. Outlook) is set to the offline mode. To reconnect, find the work offline button and click it to get back online.

    Still it’s not working? You can contact us and request for help.

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